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In 1948 Peter Cheyney married Lauretta Singer (née Groves, from Westchester County in NY State), but only three years later, after a protracted illness, Peter Cheyney died on 26 June 1951. Having no children from any of his three marriages his estate went to Lauretta, she married again, to the Honourable Henry Charles Hiley Bathurst. On her death in 1957 the estate remained with the Bathurst family.

Early in 2010 Otto Bathurst contacted the Peter Cheyney website and asked me if I would like to become custodian of a wardrobe-full of papers and books. The papers contain a wide range of correspondence from 1952 onwards, numerous newspaper clippings, boxfiles, and a variety of manuscripts and book proofs, plus many foreign edition books.

I have used the material contained in ‘The Cheyney Papers’ to add detail to this site and soon this page will see more details from the files, as well as other documents from my own collection. 


I am working on the papers, secrets to be revealed here soon...

Adrian Sensicle

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